How It Works

1.  What will happen if my item is not as described?

2.  Is the information on the device(s) I send safe?

3.  Do you buy broken devices?

4.  Is my contact information safe?

5.  How do I ship my device to you?

6.  Will I get paid more for having expensive software or apps on my device?

7.  What payment options do you offer?

8.  How long does it take to get paid?

9.  How long is my quote valid for?

10.  What should I do if my device is reported lost, active or stolen?

11.  What do I do if my payment was sent to the wrong PayPal email address?

12.  If Oofoog LLC. Inspects my device and adjusts my initial quote to a lower one, what do I do if I disagree?

13.  How should I prepare my device to send to Oofoog LLC.?

14.  How should I package my device to send to Oofoog LLC.?

 15.  How do I erase my iPhone’s data and take it back to factory settings?


a.  Access the settings icon on your iPhone

b.  Press on the “General” tab in the “Settings” menu

c.  Press the “Reset” tab

d.  Press the “Erase All Contents and Settings” tab


a.  Sign in to your iCloud via with your Apple ID

b.  Click on the “Find My iPhone” Button

c.  Select all devices, then choose the device you want to erase

d.  Make sure that your device is online during this process for it to work

  1. Can I use any type of box to ship my device with the shipping label that was sent to my email?
  1. Is my package insured in the case that it is damaged or lost during the shipping process?
  1. Could someone sell my Device that was lost or possibly stolen?
  1. How does the selling process work?
  1. What happens after we receive your item?

a. Our first step: Processing (24-48 hours)

Once we receive your item, an inspection will be done to make sure the specified model and condition is correct. Once the inspection is complete, the payment is sent to you within 24-48 hours. The time it will get to you depends on the time of day we complete the inspection. We operate during business hours.

b. Our second step: We either send you an electronic payment (few hours) or mail you a check, via USPS first class (3-7 days business arrival time).

PayPal: A payment is sent to you electronically. This is the fastest way to receive your money, because no waiting in lines at the bank is required. All financial information is private on PayPal, and it is free to sign up! Setting up an account is simple, sign up for a PayPal account. The payment should arrive in your PayPal account just few hours after it has been sent out from us.

USPS First Class Check: A check will be mailed out via USPS First Class Delivery. It is a speedy delivery, and generally the check will arrive in 3-7 business days, and rarely takes longer than a week, anywhere in the United States.