How Much Is My Mac Worth?

Living in a technologically advanced society comes with its fair share of pro’s and con’s. One of the pro’s being that there are many individuals around the world who are actively working towards creating new technology that makes our lives that much more convenient. A con that goes hand in hand with this is that technology which is replaced by an updated version quickly begins to lose its value due to demand for the latest addition.

How Often is New Technology Introduced

When analyzing the market, the first major company to introduce new additions to their lineup is Apple. Apple does their best to unveil new technology every year in the month of September. In their last event, Apple uncovered the their 4K TV, Watch Series 3 with cellular technology, iPhone 8 along with their iPhone X that included  groundbreaking advancements in face recognition.

Apple iPhone X Unveil at September 2017 Apple Event

Apple iPhone X Unveil at September 2017 Apple Event

Another predominant force in the technological industry is Samsung. They introduce their new addition to the smartphone category every year around April. It is not yet confirmed but there is much speculation to back up the idea of Samsung introducing bendable technology with their latest Galaxy Smartphone being the Galaxy X. Allowing Samsung to be ahead of the smartphone market; slowly becoming the leader in new handheld technology.


Samsung Galaxy X technology

Samsung Galaxy X technology


What Happens To The Replaced Electronics

Unfortunately, with all advancements comes a bleaker side which many care less to address. Regardless of whether the new addition introduces groundbreaking technology or if it is just a sleeker version of its predecessor, the same outcome always takes affect. I remember when the Samsung Galaxy S came out during the time when I was a senior in high school. I felt as though smartphones had reached such a pinnacle where it would be a difficult uphill battle from there on out to improve it anymore. Yet, here we are, almost 10 years later, utilizing technology in our daily lives (Such as the fingerprint scanner), which we had seen in futuristic movies and only dreamt of becoming a reality.

How Much Is My Mac Worth

Apple MacBook Magsafe 1 v. 2

Apple MacBook Magsafe 1 v. 2

In the end, witnessing the introduction of new technology along with the replacements of our aging devices, one question would be lingering on in our minds; what are my older electronics worth? I have heard much concern from many individuals stating that several months before the release of a new smartphone, they paid almost $1000 outright for their devices. Now, they are in disarray as to what needs to do done before the value of their electronics begin to plummet. For Apple users, majority of the questions being asked revolve around a single idea; How much is my mac worth? On the other hand, if you are an Android user, the question of how much is android worth would be prevalent in your mind.

The general answer is that devices which are lesser in age hold a greater value than those which are older. The technical and more useful answer to such questions is that it all depends on the devices specifications. Questions such as what is my macbook worth or how much is my macbook worth depends on the following factors; model, release date, processor, RAM and internal storage type as well as capacity. The following is a list of internal parts and their range which come together to place a value on a computer.

  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo – Intel Core i7
  • Storage: 160 GB – 2 TB
  • Storage Type: Conventional Hard Drive – SSD and M.2
  • RAM: 1 GB – 32 GB
  • Screen Size: 11′ – 17′

How Much Is My Phone Worth

SmartphoneSmartphones on the other hand are a little less complicated. Reason being is because unlike for computers, all of the parts within a smartphone aside from the expandable storage are not upgradeable and therefore cannot increase the overall value. Therefore, the question of how much is my phone worth is based on the following factors listed:

  • Release Date
  • Internal Storage
  • Screen Size
  • Carrier
  • Color


Where and How Should I Sell My Electronic Devices

Although the thought of selling our electronic devices seams like a tedious process, there are a number of ways in which one could get quick cash for their items. Please read our article on Where Can I Sell My MacBook Pro For Cash for full details on the different avenues in which one could use to sell their electronics for cash. Furthermore, our article also states how to extract your information from your apple computer as well as wiping it clean and creating a new user before selling it!


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