How to pay for the Apple iPhone 8 or X

Apple iPhone X

Now that the Apple revealed the new iPhone X along with it’s hefty price tag of $999 for the lowest model, we must figure out how to pay for the Apple iPhone 8 or X as well as what to do with our old iPhone in the meantime.

If you plan on upgrading to the new iPhone 8 or X and do not want to pay the entire retail amount out of your pocket, the tips below will help you to get rid of your older smart phone for the highest value.

  • Sell your phone on Craigslist. (This avenue allows you to receive the money on the spot but comes with the risk of running into someone who lowball your listed price)
  • Sell your phone on eBay. (Ebay is a great place to sell your electronics along with anything else you want to get rid of. The only downfall is that you would need to setup a listing, answer customers questions and handle the shipping and handling of your products)
  • Sell My Phone on (Oofoog is an electronic buyback and recycling company that purchases electronics from the public online. They give an instant quote for the items they buy. If you agree to sell your device at their fair market price, they will send you a prepaid shipping label to your email where you can send in your item to them. They will pay you within 24 hours of inspecting the item.)

I like all three options because each one of them offers a good way to get rid of your electronic devices. The only difference is the amount of work put in order to sell your stuff.


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