Sell Your Jack P.

Oofoog is a trustworthy, fair company, that cares highly about the satisfaction of their customers. They truly have the best trade in values than any other company I’ve encountered in my lifetime! Oofoog made the trade in process so simple and fast! Oofoog made it easy for me to sell my phone along with my macbook for fast cash! I am definitely a loyal customer for life!

What condition is your Jack P. in?


Broken - $ USD

Does not power on or has critical physical damage

Select this if your phone:

  • Does not turn or make calls
  • Jammed, missing or broken buttons
  • Severe physical damage to phone, such as cracks or bends
  • Water damage
  • Engraved

Good - $ USD

Normal signs of usage

Select this if your phone:

  • Turns on and makes calls
  • All buttons function properly
  • Does not have any physical damage.
  • Has never been in touch with water

Perfect - $ USD

Looks like it's brand new

Select this if your phone:

  • Works Flawlessly
  • No physical damage
  • No scratches or marks on frame or screen.
  • All buttons function properly
  • Has never been in touch with water