Sell Your Ted S.

I was referred to by a friend who sold a smart watch to them. They explained to me that paid them more than anyone else would for the smart watch and that the whole process was really fast and easy. I am very happy that I listened to my friend and sold my iPod to I received my cash within a week of sending in my iPod which was great because it came just in time for the weekend!

What condition is your Ted S. in?


Broken - $ USD

Does not power on or has critical physical damage

Select this if your phone:

  • Does not turn or make calls
  • Jammed, missing or broken buttons
  • Severe physical damage to phone, such as cracks or bends
  • Water damage
  • Engraved

Good - $ USD

Normal signs of usage

Select this if your phone:

  • Turns on and makes calls
  • All buttons function properly
  • Does not have any physical damage.
  • Has never been in touch with water

Perfect - $ USD

Looks like it's brand new

Select this if your phone:

  • Works Flawlessly
  • No physical damage
  • No scratches or marks on frame or screen.
  • All buttons function properly
  • Has never been in touch with water